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Wings Over Northern Michigan – Gaylord! – June 16 & 17, 2018

Gaylord Regional Airport Presents the 2017 Wings Over Northern Michigan Air Show @ the Gaylord Regional Airport, 16 & 17, 2018, with Air and Ground performances!

Something to do for everyone in the family! Enjoy the wide variety of vintage warbirds, modern military aircraft, high speed passes, aerobatics, civilian general aviation aircraft, and military and emergency ground vehicles. Lots to see, do and eat!


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Wings Over Northern Michigan Airshow will not fly in 2020.

By any matrix the Airshow which just completed its 10th successful year wanted to end on top! This was solidified with the appearance of the most coveted and sought after airshow attraction in the world, the U.S. Air Force B-2 Stealth Spirit Bomber which performed at this year’s airshow. Timing is everything and rather than see the event become stale or routine we wanted to have it end on a high note. In the events 10 year history the airshow has always paid for itself and this year was no different. Barresi and County leadership had thoroughly reviewed the airshow and its future direction and grounding the event was a difficult decision for all but we felt the timing was right. Wings Over Northern Michigan Airshow can retire with much to be proud of. The last two years of the event has seen its largest audience in 2018 of 20,000 + spectators, followed by its largest amount of sponsor dollars received in 2019 at almost $100K.
From wing walkers and jet school buses to A-10s and pyrotechnics. From historic World War II aircraft and parachutists to Lamborghini's and aerobatic jet teams. The airshow brought big world excitement “up close” to young and old alike.
The event which became bigger each year has actually outgrown our airport and since we are not designed to be a large event venue it would cost untold tens of thousands of dollars to modify the airport infrastructure for the event to continue without scaling it back. We can’t turn back the clock and be a small event as it’s not what any of us want and not what we want to give the public. I cannot thank our airshow team of volunteers, sponsors and community leaders enough for all the tireless work they put into making this event possible these past 10 years. When it comes to “Can Do” people, they are the best!
I greatly appreciated knowing that we could always count on them to make Wings Over Northern Michigan happen!
The airshows retirement only closes one chapter of our history, the airport and its team is going to remain an intricate part of the community’s fabric through the monthly Veterans Coffee and other events.
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2019 was the first time my son and I attended this event. We were blown away. Thank you for an amazing show!

How wonderful to view the magnificent air show for ten years. WOW........ten years. Quite the accomplishment. We truly appreciated the time and effort spent on our behalf. Thank you to all participants. BRAVO and hats off to Gaylord Regional Airport. 👏 BRAVO.

So very sad to hear this. It was the highlight of my summer meeting everyone and working on tickets ❤

I'm so sad to hear about it ending after this year. We had went the past 2 years and loved it. I was looking forward to next year.

Missed the first one but never missed the next 9. For someone that attends around 5 air shows per season, yours was a favorite. The small town feel with always a great lineup of acts couldn't be topped. Sad to hear but I wish you all the best. Thank you to all the volunteers!

It will be missed, thank you for so many great years.

Why not rotate and scale back?You’ll still generate a decent revenue. This was the best Father’s Day event I could take my husband to.

Great job to everyone that worked so hard to make this show such a success! Thank you for all you’ve done!

Bummer My Family and I just moved here this summer. We had plans on attending next year 😞. I have seen a lot of Veterans in this area since I have moved here. Maybe make instead of just a air show make it a military and first responder event. Include a tiny air show as well as other things. I noticed a lot of local businesses who supported the Air show. I bet they would do the same.

Timing is everything, thank you for your great work and decision making, we trust it is the best thing to do.

It has been a wonderful addition to our community! Thank you all for your hard work and effort to put this event on each year!! We will miss it!! Blessings 👍👍

Awwwww!!!! My son got so excited for your shows these last 3 years... I’m so glad we were able to watch! Thank you for putting on amazing shows! My sons excitement said it all ❤️

Could you suggest any other shows in Michigan like this? We’ve gone to this the last three years... it will be sorely missed. My father is a pilot and it was the perfect Fathers Day outing. We LOVED that it was a smaller event! 💔

Great job Gaylord how many more things we can take out of our town shame on your decision our family gets together from Clio area now that's gone thanks

Very sorry to hear this. Been to the air show twice and had a fantastic time.

So sad to see it go, thank you for the great memories.

We went pretty much every year except for the last, now I regret it.

Gaylord is a nice town to visit and I had attended 3 years each time was a spectacular show. I agree with Amber Rochelle and reconsider to scale back. People will still pay the admission. You could eliminate the helicopter, monster trucks, & airplane rides and exotic cars. So disappointed but times change and need to move on.

This makes me sad ,but I am happy we made it this year!

Very sad! I am so glad we got to go this past year.

Sad to hear this, but truly enjoyed being at this past year's show. Hopefully this isn't a permanent pause!

Great event. Hopefully someone else will resurrect it

But on a side not Wings over Northern Michigan was a great event. We enjoyed it every year.

Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen!

This has been our father's day ritual for several years now and so sad to know we won't be able to continue that next year!

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2 months ago

Wings Over Northern Michigan - Gaylord

Check out our jet powered friends! How sweet is this new design?This new Military Grade Shockwave Top Gun Edition design has been 7 years in the making! The new design coming in 2020 is all about supporting our veterans and everyone who continues to serve this great nation!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸. Every Branch of our military is included in this design in one way or another.
In the comments section, I will post other artist renderings that didn’t make the cut dating all the way back to 2012 when we started this design with Transport Graphics Inc. We wanted it to be perfect!

#military #shockwavejettruck #airshows #usa #icas #airshow #jettruck #patriot #patriotic #usaproud
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Check out our jet powered friends! How sweet is this new design?

If you missed getting a T-shirt this year at the show, We will be selling them at the airport terminal soon Check back for exact dates!! ... See MoreSee Less

If you missed getting a T-shirt this year at the show, We will be selling them at the airport terminal soon Check back for exact dates!!


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Im hoping to have multiple sizes and access to more if needed... I will check and for sure let you know

Will you be making big and tall sizes available

Would have been nice to have larger sizes 4x or so at the show when we attended but there wasn't any..... i had fit into a 2x hoodie cause u had no larger..... guess i know i can fit into a 2x if needed lol

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You two!!! The faces of Gaylord!! <3

Looking very festive ladies. Congratulations to the hardworking staff at the Gaylord Regional Airport for being chosen as the Honored Industry.

I love y’alls videos!

Alpenfest family whoop! Whoop!

Hé kanjers

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