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The Accidentals at the Pavilion on Court – June 20, 2014

This season-opener for the Friday Concert Series at the Pavilion on Court is sure to be fun for the whole family! The Accidentals can be heard at

Read this review to find out why you should be there for this great experience:

“The entire package of The Accidentals could never be mistaken for anything other than The Accidentals, and this is what makes them future folk darlings. The musicianship and delicate preciseness to their music is unparalleled to anything else we’ve heard from talents of this age.

Some of the harmonies these two produce, with two very distinct voices, are matured well beyond their years. Combine that with their vast instrumental depth, and these two ladies already have a crowning achievement that will impress even the biggest names in music. It may be difficult to label artists so young as captivating, but really, The Accidentals are just that.” -Blair Hornbeck, Ann Arbor Indie Music Examiner

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